The sculptor, Beverley Drury, lives on the edge of woodland that slopes down to the River Aire in Yorkshire.

Her sculptures are made from a combination of up-cycled and new wire: galvanised, gilded, plated, enamelled and pure copper wire.  Each one is unique and attempts to capture the fleeting pose, behaviour and character of each bird.


Prices reflect the time and the complexity involved in making each piece.

  • Individual perched bird with closed wings from £155

  • Perched bird with open wings from £185

  • Flying bird from £210

  • Birds commissioned using your own champagne wire from a special occasion (wedding, christening, birthday) from £165

  • Mobiles and commissions are individually priced

Most of the pieces shown are small, lightweight, and most are life-size or slightly smaller. Some are perched and will support themselves on any flat surface: others are flying and can be suspended from a hook. The mobiles of multiple birds circulate gently and naturally with changes in temperature and air movement.